At ZEN TAO, our philosophy is a combination of two ancient Eastern principles: ZEN and TAO.  ZEN strives for human enlightenment from within.  TAO is the process of nature by which all things change and which is to be followed for a life of harmony.

  Why We Formed Zen Tao?

In today’s fast paced, fast food world, how can we possibly achieve health?  How do we even know where to start?  Is eating several servings of fruits and vegetables enough? Are current produce adequate in minerals and vitamins in spite of the depleted soils? We can go to a large chain store or even our local health food store, but what do we do once we are there?

Many vitamin and supplement companies stock more than 11,000 different products.  Obviously, it would be impossible for any person to purchase, yet alone use, even a small percentage of the available products out there.  And the choices available are daunting to anyone but the most highly trained nutritionist.

Should I drink aloe juice?  What about the “new juice from The Amazon”?  Maybe I should take “The nutritional product of the Month”? New companies and marketing strategies are constantly selling us what, according to them, are “the essentials to our health”.

Not only are the choices out there simply overwhelming and frustrating, you may be taking substances that counter each other or that are not good for you.  For example, did you know that taking calcium at the same time as one’s meals or other supplements can result in decreased absorption?

What about the regular all-in-one vitamin available at the corner drugstore?  These too have their potential drawbacks.  Some products do not have the vitamins or minerals promised on the label (supplements are, by and large, not regulated by the FDA and there is little or no quality control by this industry).  Those vitamins and minerals that are present are in a form that is not easily absorbed by the body (i.e. Some minerals need to be bound to acid molecules for adequate transport and if they are bound to a cheaper alkaline molecule, then the benefit is not there).  Finally, many of these products are held together by tar product.

 Dr. Omar Inaty is a licensed Chiropractic Physician since 1987. Acupuncture Certification from the University of Miami. Physical Therapy, Sport injuries and Rehabilitation. Post Graduate training in Herb therapy. Homeopathy and Nutrition. Fellow of the Interamerican College of Physicians and Surgeons. Member of the medical team for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Physician for Professional Soccer teams in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Inaty has been a member of the Tampa Bay Latin-American community since 1979. During this time he has been an active member, executive and founder of several organizations; he has also served as a Latin-American advisor at the University of South Florida.

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